Treasure Island Phantoms
2019.09.28 - 2019.10.30
Artists: Curator: Xie Nanxing Artists: Nabuqi, Tong Yixin, Wang Xuebing, Zhong Yunshu

At least, those who belong to the map association can promptly recognise this: central to the notion or indeed the phantom of a treasure island, is the mysterious, wondrous, enigmatic idea and practise of mark-making. A word extremely inflated in the art world, mark-making means in the space of the immortalized, highly influential Treasure Island - by Scottish novelist Robert Louis Stevenson, first published in 1883 - the condition of possibility of locating, digging up and (re)discovering what has already been buried - the treasure. Two simple strokes of a cross on a badly drawn, miserably torn, soaked wet, ambiguous map mark an awe-inspiring series of naval, piratic, adventurous, dangerous, probably bountiful, rewarding, and even genealogical connections between people - dead or alive - and things - lost or found. For reasons significant and trivial, one is to put her mind to it, and move away from the contemporary painterly idea of mark-making, to imagining and fantasising a map of fragmented-ness, that nonetheless single-handedly pertain to a totality, that is the treasure.

Cursed or blessed. Debuting the CLC Gallery Venture’s newly furbished exhibition space in the 798 Art District, the exhibition Treasure Island Phantoms, curated by Xie Nanxing, presents recent works by Tong Yixin, Zhong Yunshu, Wang Xuebing and Nabuqi, and considers a series of engaging and intimate acts of signification, concealment and disclosure that are critically at work in the contemporary productions of value, secret, triviality, nature and reality.