C-Space and Local Space are merged from September 2017, the gallery is co-owned by Mr. Melle Hendrikse, Ms.Sun Shixian and Ms. Li Na.


C-Space was founded by Melle Hendrikse in 2008, located in the Caochangdi art district – one of the most vibrant art districts in Beijing. C-Space strives to discover and promote exceptional Chinese contemporary artists. Since its establishment in 2008, artists such as Sui Jianguo, Zhang Dali, Zhang Shujian, Nabuqi, Yu Ji, Yu Honglei, Wang Xin, Xu Wenkai (Aaajiao), Ren Han, Qin Yifeng, He Wei, Wu Xiaowu and Yang Yuanyuan have had solo exhibitions in the gallery. Apart from showing Chinese artists, C-Space has also been exhibiting a range of prominent foreign artists in a series of high-quality exhibitions, creating a unique platform for lively cross-cultural dialogue.


Space Local was founded by Sun Shixian in 2015, an art practice space located in the 798 Hongyuan Apartments, which differed from the typical exhibition spaces operating in that area. It focused on showcasing and realising the artists’ ideas and creations. Space Local is also an open platform, where art is used as a vehicle to connect different fields in order to search for the ultimate truth. Since its establishment, the space itself and its boundaries have consistently been used as a starting point to generate content for exhibitions. Artists such as Wu Di, Liu Yue, Dai Chenlian, Han Wuzhou, Nie Shiwei, Wang Fanseng, Zhang Wenwei have participated in solo presentations, as well as group exhibitions in the space.