Li Binyuan: Solemn Hour
2022.11.26 - 2022.12.31
Artists: Li Binyuan

Li Binyuan: Solemn Hour


text by Zhou Yi

translated by Xu Xiaofan


Solemn Hour is sparked off by a real-life event, a relocation that took place in the artist’s life. As an exhibition it can be said to be incidental, putting an individual’s personal history and the unfamiliar works of a familiar artist on display.[1] The main body of the exhibition is Li Binyuan’s paintings, spanning from the earliest years of his artistic training up to this year. These works reveal a thread—an image maker[2], receptive and feminine—that runs counter to his well-recognized signature attitude of repudiation. Unexpectedly, these unfamiliar paintings assume a more up-close and personal quality than previous existentialist readings and interpretive frameworks constructed from the spontaneity of the body. If Li has long been construed in terms of his masculine and rebellious life force that is sometimes death-driven, here he has spilled out a tender and bare emotional life.