Steadily Eyeing Opportunity ---A Solo Project by Hu Qingtai
2020.10.21 - 2020.11.05
Artists: Hu Qingtai
Steadily Eyeing Opportunity —Hu Qinghai’s Solo Project

C5CNM is pleased to announce the opening of Hu Qinghai’s solo project, Steadily Eyeing Opportunity. The show will be open from 6pm, Oct. 21 and continue to Nov. 15.

I enjoy paying attention to whatever new business modes, lead by my curiosity of unfamiliar things beyond my normal confine. It’s also important for me to test my judgements with actions, keep throwing myself from one orbit to the next, movements not just in a knowledge sense, but also geographically.

There are two groups of work in this show, “I Buy Cheap and Sell High, Sale Price 7999RMB” series and “The Low Cost Lane to Get Rich Fast”.
“The Low Cost Lane to Get Rich Fast” is my asking whether there is a way out for individuals in the present reality (Is it possible to make money fast), and rhetorically, answering my own question. I observed and researched Livestreaming platforms for nearly the entire year of 2020, bought online lessons from leading companies to study and actually worked for a E-commerce business for five months. “I Buy Cheap and Sell High, Sale Price 7999RMB” is stark-naked commerce, it is my appropriation or actualizing what I believe to be the common mode for profit.

These two group of works express my desire to pursue wealth in the society as an individual. At the same time, the video work has the function of recruitment, through this show, I hope to find someone adventurous and share the same interest in making money.

I provide for all to see, a portrait of an individual, ordinary, specific and real with clearcut attitude and straightforward motive.

(Hu Qinghai, Oct. 18 2020)

Works in the Show:
》“The fast Lane to Get Rich with Low Cost”
Video installation, 22’56”, steel frame, soft PVC tube, 2020

“I Buy Cheap and Sell High, Sale Price 7999RMB” 
7 ready made ink paintings and ink on paper, 138x70cm, 2017