Higher, Faster, Stronger----A Solo Project by Yang Jian
2021.04.02 - 2021.04.18
Artists: Yang Jian
 Higher Faster Stronger
04/02-04/18. 2021

C5CNM is pleased to present “Higher Faster Stronger”, artist Yang Jian’s solo project. 
Shared apartment, work desks and cubicles, the settlements for the majority of young people in large cities, who in the hybrid confined spaces are attempting a positive, healthy and abundant life. Yet unavoidably, the fast advancing dreams of our age and the great future are often stumbled by the limited time and space that are assigned to individuals. Every necessity and vulnerable item was at stake (hang by a thread), much as the aftermath of Danke(Eggshell) Apartment bankruptcy and countless other tragic events, the foundations built by young people in these tiny spaces, to extend their future ambitions, were systematically seized by the un-regulated finance expansion and were crushed by the batch.

For this exhibition, I transformed the interior of C5CNM into a badminton court, providing for the visitors an exercising facility of their fancy. 
Do not hit the roster
Do not hit the eggs
Wish for Higher, faster, stronger!