Chen Ke: The Unknown Woman Artist
2020.11.20 - 2021.02.20
Artists: Chen Ke
Chen Ke: The Unknown Woman Artist
Nov. 20, 2020 ----Feb. 20, 2021

Some where —all the way down —we are always the same person —but we grow from and plus the experiences nourishing to our spirits. We grow terribly slowly —what seems sudden never is. Perhaps —of course there is no “never” —that’s just an idea I’ve been made aware of through my life the last 3 years and painting the last year. Also I now like the word “patience” which I never could bear before. The other day I decided to put myself down in charcoal and paint, the next day I buy this book at the 10 cents store and try words. Well I do —that’s all.
Everyone picks “Know thy Self” out of the Bible —I’ve done it too, but since I’ve been working more concentratedly —“Loose thy self to find thy self” seems a true and necessary saying that I didn’t understand before. 
—- Excerpt from Helen Torr’s Diary

Inspired by the short career of an artist called Helen Torr, Chen Ke tries to step outside of herself and work around the controlling subject. “The Unknown Woman Artist” constructs a journey the artist made like a wondering soul— another attempt, following Frida and Marilyn series, at her signature fictional dimensions on a deeper level. The “souvenirs”from the journey will serve as exhibits in the show and surely enter Chen’s future development in a real way.