Feiendly Dog's Summer Camp
2021.07.13 - 2021.08.29
Artists: Picture Magazine,Shy People,T.K.L,董菁+刘符洁,金宁宁+刘国雄,吴卓+西门弗兰克,烟囱+尚尚,金鹿
Friendly Dog Summer Camp
07/13---08/29, 2021

FD PROJEKT(FRIENDLY DOG PROJEKT)begins 2021 AD. Originating from the image of a long eared puppy, this project sets out to collaborate with friends from all fields, through a series of plain and crude operations, to modify, montage and spread real world business models and ready made objects. Key words: interaction, type, propagate, appreciate, excretion, recycling, secret, information… This is a friendly dog who keeps on rolling about at the doomsday, a dirty, stinky, little dog.

Picture Magazine 07/13-07/18
Shy People 07/17 special appearance
T.K.L 07/20-07/25
Dino + Liu Fujie 07/27-08/01
Jin Ningning + Mr. Liu Kuo-Hsiung 08/03-08/08
Simon Frank + Tom Ng 08/10-08/15
Yang Cong + Shang Ying 08/17-08/22
Jinlu 08/24-08/29