Happy New Year, Speak Your Mind
2022.01.07 - 2022.02.13
Artists: Shi Guangru
Happy New Year, Speak Your Mind
Jan. 7 to Feb. 13 2022

C5CNM is pleased to present “Happy New Year, Speak Your Mind”, an installation by artist Shi Guangru from Jan. 7 to Feb. 13. The installation occupies the large window of the space and is designed to be seen by passer-by from outside. It is an expression of the given space rather than the expression of oneself, and the second site specific work Shi has produced in Beijing since 2021. There is time and location within the existence of a space, there are all the concrete trivialities——physical and non-physical, as if a space has memory and character. Happy New Year, Speak Your Mind.

Shi Guangru graduated from the sculpture department in the Central Academy of Fine Art. His recent exhibitions include: Refresh —A Solo Project by Shi Guangru (M Room, Beijing, 2021), 14 day Ripples Artist Residency Online Program, (Open $ Fun Artist Village, Shanghai, 2020), Collaborative Performance —Safe Trip, (Yuz Museum Shanghai, 2019), Flash Residency Project, (Yell Space, Shanghai, 2021)