Zhang Shujian

1987     Born in Hunan Province, CN

2010     Graduated from department of oil painting, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, CN


Solo Exhibitions

2020     "Story and Feed - Zhang Shujian’s Recent Works", CLC Gallery Venture, Beijing

2018     "Skin Weave", C-Space, Beijing

2016     "Hunting Ground", HDM Gallery, Hangzhou, CN

2015     "Fellaheen", C-Space, Beijing

2012     "Painting: Zhang Shujian", Taikang Space, Beijing

2011     "Look into the Mirror", Canvas International Art, Amsterdam, NL

2010     "Self Portrait", C-Space, Beijing


Group Exhibitions

2019     "Under the sign of the internet-connections and double meanings", CLC Gallery Venture, Beijing

2019     "The Hidden Ghost", Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing

2018     "The Wind in The Willows", C-Space+Local, Beijing

2017     "The Latch", C-Space+Local, Beijing

2017     "Turning a Deaf Ear", C-Space+Local, Beijing

2014     "Pull Left—Not Always Right", Ohio State University City Art Center, US

2013     "New Figuration: Chapter 1", Hadrien De Montferrand Gallery, Beijing

2012     "Specificity", Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing

2011     "Beautiful Loser", Galerie Goldener Engl, Hall, AT

2011     "Foundation 10 years", CAFA Art Museum, Beijing

2010     CAFA Graduation Works Exhibition, Beijing

2009     CAFA students in school excellent works exhibition, Beijing

2007     CAFA students in school excellent works exhibition, Beijing



Taikang Collection, The De Heus-Zomer Collection, Uli Sigg, CAFA Museum