1984     Born in Inner Mongolia, CN

2013     M.A. from the sculpture department of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

2009     B.Q. from the sculpture department of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

Lives and works in Beijing


Solo Exhibitions

2018     “Do real things happen in moments of rationality?”, ShanghARTM50, Shanghai

2018     “Two-way Entry”, C-Space+Local, Beijing

2017     “Absent Paragraph”, Museum Beelden aan Zee, The Hague, NL

2017     “Stay and Occupation”, DawanArt, Paris, FR

2015     “Parallel”, C-Space, Beijing

2012     “Static”, Eastation Gallery, Beijing


Group Exhibitions
2019     “Composite Leviathan - 12 Emerging Artists from China”, Luring Augustine Gallery, New York, U.S.A.

2019     “Sleeping with a Vengeance, Dreaming of a Life”, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Stuttgart, DE
2019     “Treasure Island Phantoms”, CLC Gallery Venture, Beijing

2019     “The return of guests: Selections from the PSA Collection”, Power Station of Art, Shanghai 

2019     “Garage Sale”, Sandwich Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2019     “May You Live in Interesting Times”, Biennale Arte 2019, IT

2019     “China Landscape-Selections from the Taikang Collection 2019”, Taikang Space, Beijing

2019     “Under the sign of the internet-connections and double meanings”, CLC Gallery Venture, Beijing

2019     “Pull Up the Stake”, Qi Mu Space, Beijing

2018     “After Nature”, UCCA Dune Museum, Qinhuangdao, CN

2018     “FINAL DEL JUEGO”, Hongkun Museum of Fine Art, Beijing

2018     “A World in A Grain of Sand”, Fosun Foundation, Sanya, CN

2018     “Access Through A Detour”, Magician Space, Beijing

2018     “The Legacy of Architectonic Futurism”, Bank Gallery, Shanghai

2018     “Now: A Dialogue on Female Chinese Comtemporary Artists”, Centre for China Contemporary Art, EN

2017     “Cold Nights”, UCCA, Beijing

2017     “Zhongguo 2185”, Sadie Coles, London, EN

2017     “Turning a Deef Ear”, C-Space+Local, Beijing

2017     “Drawing Pogou”, Taikang Space, Beijing

2017     “Any Ball”, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing

2017     “Likeness of a Thought”, Telescope Artist Studio, Beijing

2016     “Dragon Liver, Phoenix Brain”, Shanghai OCAT, Shanghai

2016     “Art Sanya Huayu Youth Award 2016”, Sanya, CN

2016     “Slippages”, PearlLam Galleries, Shanghai

2016     “Shanghai Biennale”, Shanghai

2016     “Abstract Q&A”, Star Gallery, Beijing

2016     “Gwangju Biennale”, Gwangju, KR

2016     “Soft Haze”, Thomas Erben Gallery, New York, US

2015     “The Aliens of Courtyard 23”, Institute for Provocation, Beijing

2015     “Perched in the Eye of A Tornado”, Ying Space, Beijing

2014     “Black Dwarf/Part Two”, Star Gallery, Beijing

2014     “Go to Mars”, Songzhuang Museum, Beijing

2013     “Black Dwarf/Part One”, Star Gallery, Beijing

2013     “New Paper”, Pekin Fine Arts, Beijing

2013     “No DifferenceII-Floating”, Li Space, Beijing

2012     “ART NOVA 100”, Yue Art Gallery, Beijing

2012     “Cold Encounter”, SOKA Art Center, Beijing

2011     “Made of Paper”, Gallery Beijing Space, Beijing

2009     “Fragile”, Angela Li Gallery, Hong Kong, CN

2008     “My LOGO Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Beijing

2008     “From Zero to Hero”, Star Gallery, Beijing

2008     “Creation M50”, M50, Shanghai