Jin Ningning
1980     Born in Shanghai, China
Currently lives and works in Shanghai

Solo Projects
2019     “Chocolate Lamb Bubble Gum”, Special Recipe Series, BUDX UCCA Lab, Beijing
2019     “Chocolate Lamb Bubble Gum”, Sandwich Space, Bucharest, Romania
2019     “C5CNM” Design, C5CNM, 798 Art District, Beijing
2018     “Werewolf”, Desktop Art Fair, Art Book in China Book Fair, M Woods Museum, Beijing
2018     “LSAL (Little Stinky Animal Laser)”, Samepaper Book Store, Shanghai
2018     “In the Park”, Zugzug Concept Store, K11, Shanghai
2017     “Hello”, C5Art booth, Art 021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai
2017     “River of Base”, Too Cool for Galleries — New Media Art Pop Up Fair, Beijing
2016     “Happy New Baby”, Star Gallery, Beijing, China

Group Exhibitions
2019     “Wonder”, curated public art section, Beijing Contemporary Art Expo, Beijing
2019     Liste Art Fair, with Sandwich Space, Basel, Switzerland
2019     “Garage Sale”, Sandwich Space, Bucharest, Romania
2019     “Under the Sign of the Internet-Connections and Double Meanings”, CLC Gallery Venture, Beijing
2018     West Bund Art & Design Fair, with Star Gallery, West Bund Art Center, Shanghai
“Picnic Project”, Qiao Space, Shanghai
2018     Art 021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, with C5Art, Shanghai
2018     “Mandarin Painting”, C5Art, Beijing
2018     “Collage / The Great Friendship Cafeteria of Romania and China”, Sandwich Gallery X C5Art, C5+86, Beijing
2018     Art Shenzhen Expo, with C5Art, Shenzhen Convention Center, Shenzhen, China
2017     “Drawing Pogo”, Taikang Space, Beijing
2017     “Lure”, ALL-Club, Shanghai
2017     “Digital House-You Don’t Know What They Are Thinking”, C5Art, Beijing
2017     Art Shenzhen Expo, with C5Art, Shenzhen Convention Center, Shenzhen, China
2017     “The Winter of Market”, Star Gallery, Beijing
2016     “Snacks”, PSA, Shanghai
2015     “It Is Not Right, But It Is OK”, UCCA STORE, Beijing
2015     “Ode to Joy”, Star Gallery, Beijing
2014     “Uneasy Trip in Asia 2014”, Star Gallery, Beijing
2013     “Design Shanghai 2013”, Power Station of Art, Shanghai
2012     “Narcissism”, Star Gallery, Beijing
2012     “Thirteen Nights of the Summer”, C5 Art Center, Beijing
2012     “Spot Light”, Bund 18 Gallery, Shanghai
2012     “Planet Manga”, Centre National d\'art et de Culture Georges Pompidou, Paris, France
2008     “China Design Now”, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK
2008     “Drifting”, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai
2007     “Infantization”, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
2007     “Outlook”, Coco Park, Shenzhen, China
2007     “Lv Xiao Second Annual Exhibition”, Star Gallery, Beijing
2007     “Get It Louder”, Grandview Mall, Guangzhou; Life Hub @ DANING, Shanghai; Soho Shangdu, Beijing, China
2007     “What Makes Shanghai Addictive”, Berlin, Germany
2006     “The New Graphic Design In East Asia”, Osaka, Japan
2006     “Lv Xiao & Friends”, Art Now Gallery, Beijing
2006     “Eyes On”, C5 Art Center, Beijing; Bund 18, Shanghai
2006     “Lv Xiao Annual”, Star Gallery, Beijing
2005     “Huayang”, Shanghai Duolun Museum Of Modern Art, Shanghai
2005     “Xintiandi Pop”, Xintiandi Style, Shanghai
2005     Singapore Design Festival, STREETEASE Section, Singapore
2005     “Get It Louder”, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shenzhen; Salon Vogue CITIC Square, Shanghai; Xingfucun Art Center, Beijing