1980     born in Japan
2004     graduated from Kyushu University, major in sculpture

Toru Harada has a background in painting, sculpture, furniture and other mediums. His work spans a wide range from plane to solid sculpture design. His work is known for its structural simplicity and distinctive style utilizing bold lines. The unique conceptual ideas and techniques of the mosaic painting style reflects the creator's rich background in art. Toru uses the most simple design, bold lines elements along with the usage of inherent characteristics of the display space to bring the audience a brand-new sensory impression.

Recent Exhibitions
2019     “New Waveland”, Taigu Shanghai
2019     “Small is Beautiful.8”, Leo Gallery, Shanghai
2019     “Touch”, Muyun Space, Beijing
2018     “Unknown Asia”, Osaka, Japan
2018     “Animism” Solo Exhibition, Fen Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2018     “P.T.C.K”, Tong Gallery, Beijing
2017     “Animamix Biennale”, Macau Museum of Art
2017     “Transform”, C5Art, Beijing
2017     “CHILLMATIC”, Dope Shifu, Shanghai
2017     “Cabinet of Curiosity”, Duo Yun Xuan Art Museum, Shanghai
2017     Art Stage Singapore 2017, Leo Gallery, Shanghai
2017     “Expectation”, SNAP ART
2017     “Difference”, Yuan Jing Jie Art Museum, Shanghai
2016     “The Corner!”, Leo Gallery, Hong Kong
2016     “Cult”, North Rockbound Art District 109, Shanghai
2016     “Ju Zhen”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
2016     “Art Stage Singapore 2016”, Leo Gallery, Shanghai
2015     “Lao Bai Xing”, LBX Gallery, Hangzhou, China
2015     “Port”, Display Space, Shanghai
2015     “Small Is Beautiful”, Leo Gallery, Shanghai
2014     “Heart Of Peace”, ATTIC, Shanghai
2013     “Bangye”, Banye ART Space Hotel, Hangzhou, China
2012     “XinleRd”, Attic Gallery, Shanghai
2012     “Kudian”, Display Space, Hangzhou, China
2011     “Entrance”, CAOYINSI, Shanghai
2009     “OMEGA”, Baoshan Hotel Gallery Space, Shanghai