Open Studio Monika Czyzyk "I Want To Build A Rocket" (in collaboration with Institute of Provocation)
2019.06.20 - 2019.07.07
Artists: Monika Czyzyk
Institute for Provocation welcomes you to the Open Studio of our residential artist, Monika Czyzyk.

The Open Studio is under the title, I Want To Build A Rocket. 
The space will be activated on 20.06. The exhibition will be on view until 7.07.  On a weekly basis the public will see the interior display change. As well, there will be several events planned inside the gallery.            
For the opening we will serve special outer space coffee located within a conceptual bamboo rocket sculpture. 

The public will see a video installation, that Monika was researching in April. She was looking for comparisions and analogies to ones own cultural background. Haunting the past that one has not lived in. Wandering and lost within the forest of “bamboozle”. Works in the show are inspired by Polish movies and music during the Soviet times of influence, including Mis from S Bareja, Polish radio experimental studio PRES.

Scenes include visits to Beijing’s night market searching for historical art clues amidst piles of paper fragments, letters and poster art from decades in the past. Another scene revolves around documenting saturated glowing screens at an LED factory in Shenzhen. Further scenes we see Monika accompanied by a social worker, witnessing  a rural Chinese village under a special revitalization program. As there are no young people in the village, thoughts have turned on exciting ways of keeping the village alive and attractive. It’s a very complex situation linking gentrification, history, community, colonization, and thinking about future.

She finds these experiences are full of contrasts and potentials for future digital stories…

About the artist 
Monika Czyzyk (b.1989, PL) relocates and participates in hybrid socio institutional formations seeking out topics and materials created within these collaborative communities and later translates them into forms of moving image, installation, photographs, performance. Her research interrogates the changing face of alienation in contemporary society and global communities of women. She has been experimenting with various forms of moving image. Her experimentations with the camera tend to culminate in short films that oscillate between fiction and documentary.