Ataxia - A Solo Project by Liu Dongxu
2019.11.22 - 2019.12.22
Artist: Liu Dongxu
Ataxia for me is a city, a invisible city, a special city.
—Liu Dongxu

C5CNM is pleased to announce the opening of artist Liu Dongxu’s solo project from November 21st to December 22 2019.
How will the body experience our surroundings freely without being determined by concepts first, even just to create a moment of hesitation. Liu Dongxu follows a seemingly uneventful, perhaps orthodox mode of art creation, patiently observes and diligently copies, fixating on particular aspects of perceptual data. By extracting the material facts from daily objects, visual, olfactory and gestural, he encapsulates them into a new, detached hollow sign, much like a data capsule.

Artist Liu Dongxu lives and works in Beijing. He worked in the field of art production and architecture design under Swiss artist Not Vital. His first solo show was held in Telescope Artist Studio founded by American artist and curator James Elaine.

Liu Dongxu
Born in Shanxi in 1983.
Currently working and living in Beijing.

Solo Exhibition
2018    Oblique Facades, Telescope artist studio, Beijing

Group Exhibition
2019    A Composite Leviathan,Luhring Augustine Gallery, New York
2019    Under the Sign of the Internet - Connections and Double Meanings, CLC Gallery    Venture, Beijing 
2019    Daily Communication, Telescope artist studio, Beijing
2017    Art is Much Splendid a Thing, Gallery 55, Shanghai
2013    MIDDLE, Switzerland