The Garden of Winding Path — A Solo Exhibition by Yang Guangnan
2021.09.18 - 2021.10.24
Artists: Yang Guangnan
CLC Gallery Venture is pleased to hold Yang Guangnan’s Solo Exhibition: The Garden of Winding Path from Sep.18 to Oct.24, 2021. The gestures and objects in Yang Guangnan’s artworks are flat in modern art term, or formatted in computer language, erased of their function, narrative and illusory attachments to meaning, and appear in a mute and primitive state. Hence in an absent-minded gaze, the viewer’s overridden senses and inner needs by the everyday may re-emerge from the artificial amnesia. Yang’s artistic expression spontaneously shifts between material, scene and imagery within a lists of rather rigid, repetitive forms, so as to bring to focus an artistic language that is highly consistent in production method and material quality. Expression/ articulation for her is structural, built upon disparity. It is a precondition for any creative exploration, and its path resembles the passage of light inside crystal. Her work opens, extends and stretches out on the clean, hard surface and in the depth of material. She set out laying out brick by brick to build one more passage for people to see the world, and for herself as well to reflect the ever renewed understanding granted by art and life. The Garden of Winding Path continues her voicing the alienation of material progress and its crushing on the spiritual and psychic dimension, reflecting on the technological progress and the immobility of a society from the ethical and emotional perspective. The individual struggle with authoritarian will power that Yang concerns so much has escalated since the global pandemic crisis, the inner sense of direction (strength) and path (reason) her art works calls for is evermore urgent.